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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

One Hand Typing - check it out - Very cool


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Super Charging a Tesla!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tech News, Tech Talk, Tech Proud!

Come to the new site:


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Well well,
It's been far for too long since I posted of blog.
So many things have changed over the past year.
John is no proud dad. Ian is a product champion.
And now they have me doing innovation.
I've been remiss on posting to the blog.
And I have to wonder walleye speak to my computer using Windows Vista speech recognition if this will facilitate more blogs or so we'll just be another flash the pan and you will not hear from me for another year.

So what's going on the news? Paris Hilton is off to jail, Anna Nicole Smith did not have my child, and we're still at war.
My kids are growing up there getting much smarter than I am, but that's no big surprise.
The key early say that this voice recognition is much faster than typing, I guess if I talked quicker and in a more natural voice would work better.
I guess I just have to get used to it.
It's a bit slower than typing, but at least it spells all the words right, and for those of you who know me you get the point.

Well I guess that's about all for now, not much contest this report, but at least it's a start.
Here's to you faithful blog reader, wherever you are....


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Heck, Its was October the last time I signed in a ranted a while...
Time for a quick year end update for those of you keeping score...

Dr. John has returned to the land of his birth (or near it), and is birthing some of his own... Baby John (or Gaenor) 2.0 will be out next year! That kid is in for an awesome life!

My fam is doing great... We've got everyone up this xmas (LA&MEX), should be a fun xmas morning, Ana is old enough now to really get the whole Christmas morning excitement.

Schlum is still going OK,.. Lots of work on years end, with a lot of travel in late Jan through March (once more around the world dear friends...) twice actually I think. Ill have pics...

UncleSamsBar is doing good,not as many bands... But still a steady flow... Never gonna get rich off of it, but its a fun place to hang out.

Not really sure what I am getting for xmas... I really want that guitar game for the PlayStation (2/3), Played it with Leger at BestBuy for 30 minutes on a extended lunch break not so long ago... Guitar Hero allows any chump to be a rock god.... And if you have aspirations of screaming 'Thank You Cleveland!" in front of 200K screaming fans... Or making some sickeningly pompous intro to a video about how being a rock star is hard because of all of the demands on you like the women, booze, and money.... Ugh.... Anyway... If you want to be a rock star.... But can't play a lick... Then this will let you 'Rock Out Loud' in your own living room.. Grab a bottle of tequila, some friends... And a bandana or two,.. And ROCK ON!!

Its a rainly day in the woods this morning... everybody is sleeping (although I think P just turned on the TV in th elicing room where we are shacking up - as the fam has the rest of the available beds- aren't we good hosts!!!)... Get the gifts tonight... looking forward to seeing everyones faces...

Gonna go grad a DietCoke and start the day.... Merry Christmas Fork-n-Life...
ole friend...

I always seem to blog more 'on the road' so execpt more in the near future...

All the best,.... Trey